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CartFresh SaaS Platform

Customers may visit your store but they want and expect MORE.
They want the convenience of buying their groceries on-the-go, the economy of buying in bulk, without the hassle of traffic.


  • Branded e-store featuring an intuitive customer interface
  • Detailed 360° product images
  • Extensive product descriptions
  • Order history for easy re-ordering
  • Product recommendations
  • Recipe database with 1-click ordering of ingredients
  • Checkout and integrated payment processing
  • Ad-control dashboard


  • Intuitive admin dashboard
  • Customized mobile application for shoppers
  • Sophisticated logistics platform for order distribution and control
  • GPS-tracking system for couriers
  • Integrated shift schedule for shoppers and couriers
  • Multi-language environment
  • Customizable promo codes and referral program
  • Templates for all supporting financial documentation of home-delivery service

Customer Service

  • Simple loyalty program integration
  • Full customer profiles with order history
  • Real time order status updates
  • Live shopper-client conversations via in-app text messaging
  • Contact center (via email, chat and phone)
  • Email newsletters
  • Customer satisfaction questionnaires
  • NPS-score system

Robust Analytics

  • Sales analysis and forecast
  • Order distribution analysis (by channel, location, product category, etc)
  • Cohort analysis of users
  • Picking and delivery productivity analysis
  • Real-time P&L calculations
  • Mirroring quality analysis
  • Regular comprehensive integrated reports for retailers
  • Analytical customer behavior reports